My feet at Publix and food pantry with sister

So sister came to visit for a few days and of course crazy brother attacked me ….again. Next time I’m pressing charges for sure. There better damn well never be a next time. At 30 years old I don’t need this bullshit from my younger siblings. Anyway Sis and I went to the food pantry and saw a 3 foot reddish snake in the road and I passed one car and she freaked out. Anyways we had the misfortune of having to deal with the continually bitchy older black woman that works there. She was in top form today. Anyways we got the food together we took all the bags out together and then I took IR back to Publix. We got some chips and flour and then left to go to the oriental store because we wanted ripe plantains but she didn’t have any. She did however have green sapodillas and she said they were $2.50 a pound and would be ripe the next day. So we left then went to the Jamaican store/restaurant and bakery and got the sweet potatoes and when I turned around I saw where the plantains were in like 3 big boxes with some boxes having mainly very ripe ones so we got like 4 or five of them and then got milo as well and left. We went home, ma had already made the curry chicken and sis made the dumplings and other stuff. The food was yummy and the whole time we were out her bf had been on his and when we got home he was there. She still had time to wash her hair and other stuff then they left around like 8pm or so to go see a movie and so on. I was sad to see her go. I’m going to learn self defense etc… Sick of people seeing me as a perfect victim.


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