My feet at the movies

So to make myself feel better I went to see a movie X-Men Days of Future Past which was amazing. Bestest X-Men movie ever. 🙂 I got my ticket for only $8 I thought it would be $10 so I had $2 dollars left over yay. I went in found seat but then changed it because I was too close and I always forget that I’m not that near sighted. It was cold and I had an ache in my whole body but especially in my lower abdomen. I forgot to take a hoodie so I sadly didn’t have anything to cover my head so I had to use my pink sweater and pull it up over my ears and cover my legs with the big green winter coat and tuck my hands in my pockets or under the jackets lol. Other than that it was an awesome movie. I had some of my dark chocolate with mint because I hadn’t eaten and it tided me over. After the movie which let me say it again WAS AMAZING I went outside and contemplated hanging out at the mall a bit to avoid the raging maniac clone of my asshole abusive “father” but then realized I didn’t bring my book or anything so I just used the rest room and then left. Fucking Leo rising 20-25 degrees. Maybe that crazy jackass will end up in prison like his rising sign predicts. He’s well on his way. Once I leave here I’m literally pretending that he, like my sperm donor, no longer exists. They have the same …..everything like clones of one another, two homophobic misogynistic overgrown angry violent domineering idiots. Yay me. Anyway on happier news my bestie is coming down for good really soon I can’t wait. So back to what I was saying, after I left the theater I went to the library and ordered some books and videos and then I went to check out the Krav Maga school. They were closed at the time so I wrote down the info on the big floor to ceiling posters. Then I went to Joann’s and got some separated flowers which was actually pretty cheap and then I went home. I promised to show the cashier, a small slim girl (she looks young) with long black curly hair, what I was making once I’m done with it. Still have to finish the painting so I can move on to doing the other project. Anyway the world is filled with barbaric people who believe that the wolves survive and make the rules and the sheep die and live by them and blah blah blah and so I guess I have to get on the non-HSP bandwagon otherwise the non-HSPs of he world will continue to rape, rob and assault me every chance they get because I’m “too nice” fucking morons so fine I’ll change seeing as how I live in hell and I’m surrounded by demons instead of people. I’ll change and become just another rude competitive jackass like everyone else. Nice people don’t get treated with respect especially not if they’re black, female, poor etc..etc..etc.. so fine I’ll change. Either I change or one of these demons in people skin will kill me. I won’t remain as everyone’s punching bag forever nope. I’m done.


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