My feet at food pantry, oriental supermarket and stuff

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200PIC_0781




So I went to the Harvest Food Store and got a buuuunch of canned organic canned foods and also some organic akle and spinach and some other organic goodies for a rainy day lol. All this after I went to like 4 food pantries and they were all closed. After getting all the food I could carry and going multiple times to the register just to regroup and on the last of 2 times get a trolly to do more in depth shopping I finally had everything and went and cashed out. I wiped the counter off myself and put up all my stuff up but I left anything that had palm oil in it even if it said non-gmo, and anything that was sweet no matter how yummy and mangoey it said it was lol.  I absolutely looove this store everything is sooooo cheap here. I got all that stuff for $35 and normally in the regular store it would’ve been about $100-$150 dollars give or take a bit. Anyways I left and went to a new food pantry in the plaza of Metro PCS and I was so tired that I got my green lawn chair from the car and sat on it until my turn. I spent the whole time falling asleep. A very cute black girl about 5’7 slim but filled out with her hair pulled back medium complexion filled out my application for me, one page thank goodness, and then I signed the other paper and finally got my turn and I had to carry like 3 or 4 heavy bags back to the car in about 90 degree heat hooray global warming not. The car was sweltering when I got back. After packing the car I left and went to the house and unpacked everything and showered and then went to the oriental store for those yummy sapodillas. There were only about 7 left so I got them all and also got some coconut meat & milk, mangoes and ginger. Well now I’m exhausted because after leaving food pantry and before going to house I actually stopped by Nelson Farms and got peaches and 2 kiwis. I’m still having pelvic pain but not as bad I’m going to take a nap maybe lol. Til next time waggles toes 🙂


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