My feet at Publix



Went to Publix today to get some stuff to cook fried chicken with red beans and rice yum. There were so many options for red beans and rice but I got two I liked and then got the chicken and the other stuff including some new chips with lime….they’re super yummy. Anyways after getting a whole small basket of stuff I checked out I actually had to come back for the chips because at first I wasn’t really sure if I wanted a snack but then I was like yes yes I most definitely need a snack. The male bagger a light skinned black male (I think) who had been staring at me outside also stared at me while I was getting my stuff form him it was super annoying like he didn’t even speak much just stared at me. The female cashier the one with long dark hair in a ponytail was in a bad mood …I think she’s an HSP like me probably very easily hurt. Idk what was wrong with her but I hope she feels better I tried to be as nice as possible hoping it would help a little. I knew I couldn’t help because I have no money or connections so I didn’t even ask. Anywho came home made the fried chicken for myself with millet flour and the biscuits and stuff and salad too. Yummy. Oh and a total happy moment later. Ehehehe.



Anywho til later waggles toes.


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