My feet at food pantry



So went to food pantry today and the woman with blond and black hair who’s usually irritable was sitting in a chair and another black woman was signing people in and the guy with the limp was getting out our folders and the woman with the two toned hair was talking to me while he looked for my folder. Asked me how I liked living here and how my home country was and the money exchange and if it’s a good place to visit etc..etc..etc… So yeah we chatted for about 20 minutes and then I went back and got my food without signing because they couldn’t find my folder. Anyway the black male who was overseeing everyone was with another black male getting food and at one point he was saying that I looked like someone from Senegal and that I sounded too white when I talk LOL and that I should learn an African language. He was hilarious. I got a bunch of potatoes, oranges, tahini yum and yeah good selection even got alfalfa sprouts.

The woman back there who took the folders, a black women in her 20’s, maybe thought I was weird because I knew what tahini was lol. And the guy was telling her no I’m not weird, well I guess whether I’m weird or not is up for debate. Anyway after that I went and spent until closing time buying stuff at the Harvest Food Store. I got more malt and also comfort slippers and tissue and other stuff. got some plums, melon and salad for ma and cereal, animal graham cracker snacks and basil etc… for myself. Finally I got all I wanted had to go to car unpack and then keep shopping and the lines were very long but after I got everything I went to get home and saw the mother of the rapist walking down the street I’d also seen the Leo designer I used to work with but didn’t get along with at all….she was in a car being driven by what looked like a black woman younger than her perhaps. I’m beginning to think that Orange ave is a bad bad road for me to be on. After all that is where I re-met the rapist and then in one day I saw his mother and a woman I used to work with but couldn’t get along with at all. Hmm well universe thanks for the heads up. After all chances are I’m just being paranoid it’s a main road in that area that is probably all it is. So I’m going to trillax and just live. A d maybe also find some way to get a really good astrological reading lol.


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