My feet at chiroprctor and gynecologist

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 So today I finally did my follow up appointment with the chiropractor and I have to see him alooooot for the next 6 weeks. And it’s handsomely expensive but it’s cool I get a payment plan and treatment starts next week. When I got to the office the doctor came and got me himself before I could even check in. The office was pretty crowded today. After I talked to him I went outside …omg is it hot out there and I walked across the street to my gynecologist office. I figured it shouldn’t be too big a deal if I stayed parked there for a few more minutes. I paid a part of my bill and got my treatment plan again and then left used the restroom and the lab downstairs because apparently there are no restrooms in the hallway. Then I walked back to the car and of course as I suspected the parking lot was super full and one car was even parked on the grass. Anyways it started raining on the way home. I really hope I get my surgery soon. I have to do 3 months of lupron let’s hope it doesn’t work but that I stay emotionally ok on it. *fingers crossed* An ok day all around I guess til next time waggles toes.


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