My feet at doctor, IT, Library and other places

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Today I had to go to my gyn because I almost died during my period this month yeah it was awful. The doctor I saw today was pregnant and she depressed the hell out of me with that we may not need to do anything else b.s. So anyways I’ll talk to my Dr about it later and see what she says. My Dr. had said something different so I’m guessing that she has other plans simply because she’s pregnant and has that whole women are meant to be baby making over-populating planet killing machines and oh yeah “I’ll change my mind later” uuuuuummm noooooooooo. A letter may and most definitely will be in order. So yeah that my depressing day at the doctor office. Then I got my script but the wonderful lack of customer service at Walmart made it too hard to get my prescription so going to have to get it the next day. After the doctor I went to IT and attended the open house. M*** and S***** were very happy to see me lol. There is a film fest that I’m not going to be able to make it to but I’d like to so who knows but I’ve resigned myself to not being able to make it certain things because of no way to get there sooo yeah. I have no urge to even try because no one’s going to give me a ride anyways so whatever. Anyways ok day today not perfect but ok ..dropped off stuff at goodwill and just have a few more errands to finish tomorrow so until tomorrow waggles toes


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