My feet at doctor’s office, library, soup kitchen and recycling plant


So had my re-do waste of money and time appointment with the doctor today. I had to go get an x-ray later on and now I’m just waiting for the results. Maybe they will be different this time. Anywho I went to the recycling plant to get rid of the paper and hopefully the other stuff but the plastic warehouse place and it’s office seemed to both be abandoned even though I did see a few cars outside. I will just have to try a different day instead. After that I went back to my area and ran some other errands or at least tried to. I still have to refill my ‘scrip’, because if some error in their system, but I got just about everything else done. I went to the post office and saw the black woman there who seems to live there just like her fellow post office folk and we chatted about her butterfly pendants and my dress and where we go shopping and so on. She had to help me pay for the stamps because apparently my compulsive need to pay 53 cents for my new cute rainbow teddy bear from the thrift store made me use the dollar I thought I had left in my wallet and I had left the change I had at the house as well. Anyways I got my stamps and also got my book put back into the system so I could have it re-requested. I really wish they’d change the rules for inter-library loans. 2 weeks is so not enough time to read a book about psychology or anything for that matter except maybe a children’s book. Anyway I need to mail my letters still and get my prescription so I will see if I can do all that on Saturday instead.

P.S. getting my x-ray again, I hope I don’t get cancer from all this radiation, was a bit more boring than last time because this time Ellen wasn’t on the t.v.s, instead it was a cooking show and the lady cooking was using equipment I didn’t have so it would’ve sucked to even try to write down the recipes and I didn’t even read much of my book because I wanted so bad to just hurry up and get out of there. There were only like 2 people before me so I didn’t wait too long and I even used their bathroom. Anyways I chatted a bit with the x-ray tech (a short white woman in her 30’s) about why I needed the x-ray and when I came out another tech (a black women a bit taller than the other woman in her 30’s also) said she would take me out and she gave me a card for her son’s music group (he’s a rapper) and I haven’t checked it out yet because I almost never check out people’s stuff unless it’s super easy to do so like they give e a cd for example which happened at one of the anime conventions I went to one year or unless I live with them and I’m forced to hear their music up close and personal as happened when I lived with my evil ex roommate and his band of wicked friends. Anyways enough about them. I of course did my over-thinking thing, because the other tech was bringing in the next patient and saw her give me the card and info, and had some odd thoughts but then I got in the car and thought better of it, mainly because the tech with the son acted so calmly, and went to the library, they close at 5:30 not 5 thank goodness, then the soup kitchen, where it was extremely crowded, and they served baked chicken with salad, baked potato, bread, cookies, blueberries with whipped topping and cake, I didn’t have the cake because it was one of those fake cakes with one layer white and one layer black and frosting between and on top and ….just ….ew. The food was yummy and I got a meal to go for ma and went back home and they jumped in the car right away to drop him off to work. One comment from ma about the lack of gas and I was instantly beyond annoyed. Thank goodness for ACA and therapist …right. Anyways looking forward to less financially droughtful days for all.

Til next time *waggles toes* laterz


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