My feet at food pantry, soup kitchen and stuff

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

So first thing I did was go to the glenview pantry at like 10 am bleh sooo early and had to wait too good thing I had my cool lil chair. After that came home then went to the other two pantry’s and dropped off the stuff at the recycling plant. The 30 quiet something black male who is usually there came to get the stuff and told me that I could also bring other recyclables not just paper. This makes me think that they are sending those items to a different facility maybe. Anywho on the way home I dropped by oxbow park and had a very tranquil experience on one of the paths under the trees with the cool green path ahead of me. Sadly thoughts of “him” intruded as that place is associated with him but gladly it didn’t completely destroy my experience. From there I went to the morningside library after getting cool water and washing my feet off at the park restrooms. I couldn’t get the exact book I wanted so instead I borrowed two books and then went to the other library system but they were all closed so I went to the soup kitchen and they had chicken and as I was walking in a young white male my age asked me for directions to the pantry. He used a walking stick and wore a baseball cap and looked like a young version of Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling in one. He’s an actor and is alone and homeless in the area but is staying with friends and is going to be taping a show. I believe the director is Asian or at least has an Asian sounding name. Anywho we were the last ones there and we took our bags of clothes that we got before coming from the donation table and we got our meals and bread and went to wait for his friend to pick him up then I left and went home btw he’s a Virgin, double fish water bearer but still,….. a Virgin. No no no and now it’s time to get a life with magic til next time waggles toes.


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