My feet at Soup Kitchen, food pantries and volunteering

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Spontaneously volunteered today and met a bunch of people, mainly middle aged white women, including a young, white, teen, HSP girl. She studied ballet for a while, very slim, long hair and hilarious. She eats alot, can’t stand cold, is a musician thinks of others before herself etc…etc.. There are more of us out there than I thought lol. It turns out 4 of the food pantries were closed today which is fine because I got a looot of food from the pantry by the bank. We really are the richest nation …….they were throwing a huge box of good food, fruits & veggies, that they thought were bad but that were actually all good except for like little spots so they offered me the whole box when I brought it to their attention. Sooooo manyyy tomatoeeeeeessss yummy. Of the bag of oranges only one of them was rotten and the other 7 oranges were perfectly good but they had it in the box for trash. Yup only in the richest nation in the world would we have soup kitchens and food pantries that throw away perfectly good food simply because no one ate it or whatever other reasons. Wooooowww.

At the soup kitchen I sat next to a friendly elderly white woman and a few other folks plus a middle aged white man with no legs. He was talking about someone hitting his car and then being mean to him tut tut some people. Anywho he was really cool and so was the other two women that I sat in front of. Too bad they served pork so I could eat the veggies etc..


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