My feet st soup kitchen

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Oh the food was soo yummy. It was alot of food too. I was super full and I even got pecan pie.

When I got there they hadn’t started yet so I walked around for a bit the library was closed but I didn’t want to go to the park across the street so I walked to the corner store that I’ve driven by a thousand times instead. The guy running the store was Indian I believe and I bought some peppermint patties and gum. I gave one to ma. Went back and it turns out dinner started already. So earlier than I had seen on the signs outside thank goodness lol. I was starving. I sat with two older women who appeared caucasian and we spoke alot about snow and cold weather and cooking and all sorts of other fun stuff and then I had to leave so I said bye and gave them my bagels and snacks as ma couldn’t chew them and I went home and digested.


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