my feet not going to doctor’s office

Today I tried to go to my psychiatrists office but it turns out the direction I got were wrong and when I got off the bus and walked a mile to Jog rd I was still a two hour walk away from the doctor’s office. So I’m rescheduled for Wednesday instead. I even tried to be productive by going to try and get my taxes amended but the wait would’ve been really long and i had to catch the bus before 7 to not get stranded. Anywho I got the bus back home after buying a chicken sub and guava cake at Publix. Mommy was here. It’s her bday today. Her and sis and bf are out celebrating while I watch a badly subbed episode of the Korean Drama You’re ¬†Beautiful. Anyway twas an interesting day. btw ma brought me eyes was a shirt and a camera case yay me.


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