My feet at walmart, Publix & Florida Blue

So today after getting out of the hospital this morning I decided to go buy kittie litter, a key, and some groceries. I was able to catch the bus as soon as I left the complex. I got to Publix bought some kevitas and two bottles of orange juice one regular for ma and one with probiotics and tumeric for me, but no meat I just didn’t feel like buying it right then. I contemplated getting the coconut water orange juice but decided against it as it looked too watery and I really just wanted something that taste like oranges. After that I walked to Walmart got the key at the self service kiosk because the other key making machine was broken, it was $2, le gasp, when did making a key get so expensive, got the kittie litter gummy bears and greek yogurt for madre who’s here for bday week, then left to go back to Publix to get organic lemon juice. The other stuff (lemon juice non organic) says that it’s “reconstituted” whatever that means. Anyways I had to spend $5 on organic lemon juice and the cashier who was nice to me the first time was cool she was like back again and I was like yeah lol. She was really nice and it seemed genuine. That’s what I love about Publix. Anyways after leaving the store it was drizzling a bit and I contemplated taking the bus from one of the covered bus stops but I decided to walk instead seeing as the drizzling stopped but to walk on the other side of the street so I could potentially still catch the bus so the greek yogurt wouldn’t melt too much. Anyways within a few seconds the bus came so I crossed the street and got on. I saw a woman at the bus stop with really cool green shoes so I complimented her on them and thought of asking her for a picture of them but then I wussed out and didn’t lol. How can I be a film maker if I can’t ask random strangers to do things on camera. Then again I’ve done that before just not alot. Anyways after getting home and putting away the groceries and watching Dr.Oz I left to go get my taxes amended. I read some more of S.K. Manning’s book then they told me to have my ma claim me and sent me on my way. Oh well it was worth the effort though right. Anywho good day in general.

P.S. the key works beautifully 🙂


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