My feet at post office and chiropractor’s office

So mommy got a ride back with sis and boyfriend today, I miss her already, so anyways I decided to run some errands. I was walking and decided to go pay the chiropractor first then catch the bus to the post office. I was hoping they wouldn’t accept the payment because I really needed the money but they accepted which is fine at least now that’s out of the way. After that I caught the bus and the whole time I was biting my nails figuratively hoping that I would get there in time. It actually took the bus almost 10 minutes to drive two blocks after leaving the mall. However part of the delay may have been the blown up nissan that was being towed with a cop car blocking the road behind it. The car had a circular shaped spider web crack in the windshield and there was like water all over I guess from where the fire department put out the fire. Anyways when I got off the bus on the correct street it was 5:00 pm and we’d left the mall at 4:50pm. I had my fingers crossed that they were open til 5:30pm and I got super lucky turns out they were open til 5:30pm. So I mailed my two letters then left and walked home. It was super hot but I made it.




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