My feet at hospital

So today I went to the doctors office but I went to the wrong place. I ended up at the hospital but the actual office was 5 minutes away driving distance.  Sadly I wasn’t driving but walking and taking the bus so I ended missing my first doctors appointment.  Anyway I finally made it over there after the hospital staff tried to get my tests done at the hospital instead but sadly they didn’t do the type of test I needed there so I had to wait an hour for the bus after walking to a different building in the hospital property looking to see if that’s where my doctor was.  Anyway I finally got to my second appointment and had to wait forever to get the scan and when they finally got it done they found a little nodule in my left breast. They said it was probably nothing to worry about though and sent me of to go see the gyn and told me to come check it again in six months. So I leat the gyn caught the bus pretty quickly after leaving the building.  I got home showered and went to my chiropractor appointment. Oh I’m gonna be so fit with all this walking lol. Anyway all in all an interesting day.


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