My feet getting mangoes and avocados

So today I decided to go to Wellington for mangoes. I had to take three buses to get there. The third bus took forever to come. But finally I got to my last stop and then the trek began. I walked for what felt like half an hour but probably wasn’t til I saw the street I was supposed to be on.  I found the house after I passed a bunch of kids, mainly black kids, playing in the road while they’re cellphones lay on the ground by a fire hydrant playing music. Anyways the mangoes had fallen off a tree that was hanging over a fence.  So I picked them up put them in my bag and made my way back to catch the bus.  On my way I saw a fenced in back yard that had mangoes on the ground so I went through someone’s yard to the mango house and as I approached I saw a white man on the shorter side get out of a truck and go inside the house through the garage. I decided to knock on the front door but before I could I heard him coming out of the garage again this time with two small dogs. I asked him if I could have the mangoes and he said yes and let me back to get them. He said they weren’t the “good mangoes” that they were tart.  I was like, in my head, more for me.  So we went into the garage and through a side door that led behind the fence and I picked up all the good mangoes and then went to next mango house which also had a very large avocado tree.  It turns out there were no mangoes or avocados on the ground, even though there was a whole lot in the two large trees, so I kept walking this time on the opposite side of the street and I walked right under an avocado tree with avocados on it hanging over the sidewalk. I picked three big green ones took some pics and got to the bus stop after passing the flaming fountain. There was a white woman with dark hair who looked like a smoker, which was later confirmed when she asked me if I smoked and asked for some money to buy cigarettes, to which I said I didn’t have any money which was a lie but I didn’t want to help her kill herself with cigarettes plus I’m broke,  anyway she was there waiting for her bf and we chatted for a bit then the bus came and I connected to the next bus.  As I was going pass the kpop, anime store I took note of where it was in my memo. On the last connection for the the third bus I was super hungry so I bought two donuts at racetrac, I know I know eating crappie after condemning cigarettes. But in my defense that money came in handy so I wouldn’t starve and donuts don’t for sure kill you and I didn’t buy the banana at the register because I had eaten a bunch at home already. Anyway I finally got the last bus and got home where my sis and her bf had two male friends, James and his brother Sa^&%%€€^/ over for dinner. And all in all it was a fun day even though no one shared their curry with me pouty face🙁


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