My feet at mall and doctors office


So today I went to my doctor but before I could get on the second bus I had to wait at the mall for a while so I decided to walk around the mall and check out the theatre and tates comics. I even tried on clothes at H&M before catching the second bus. Anyways got to the doctors office and it was full of people including one lady who was very pregnant. Finally it was my turn and a tall Indian male medical student chatted with me while we waited for the doctor. He was really cool. Anyway finally the doctor came and they took me back to get examined. They both felt around for the small nodule in my left breasts. I also tried finding it but couldn’t although later at home I did find it. It’s really small.  During the exam the doctor was pressing pretty hard so twas a bit painful but when the medical student went to find the nodule he was very careful thank goodness. Sometimes I get why people don’t like going to the doctor’s office. Anyway it’s another six months to my next pap smear and another 6 months to get another breast ultrasound. Thank goodness cuz the ultrasound hurt too. Aft error I left the doctor office I went looking for mangoes a and found a tree in a yard with a bee truck in front of it and picked up about 25 mangoes from the ground.  On the way back a guy at the corner store got me a bag and another guy bought me orange juice and strawberry cookies and promised to get me more mangoes.


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