My feet getting filling


Today I got up at 5:40am and got ready to go get my filling. I got the second 6 o clock ff and got off and walked to the stop for the next bus. I got there at 7am but of course they werent open so I walked around for a bit. Anyways when I finally got in I ended up waiting for hours because they forgot to call my name so right before it was my turn I went to the soup kitchen and got some food to take home then when I came back I finally got seen after going to the soup kitchen again to get bagels and other sweets including strawberry shortcake. Anyways I got really lucky and the dentist did a filling on the tooth that the last dentist said he was going to extract. The dentist said as long as my tooth isnt sensitive to heat I should be fine. fingers crossed. After getting my filling I went out to make my next appointment. I tried to make it to catch the us but it left right when I was walking out so I walked to the plaza and got some organic gatorade from Publix and a snack for mommy. Then I ate my strawberry shortcake then it was time to catch the bus so I left. I finally got home and was able to eat a full meal finally and for the first time in a long time I didnt have to worry about food geting into my tooth so happy 🙂


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