My feet at Hatsume fair 

So today C&:!%£*”* treated me to the Hatsume fair for my birthday. I got a shirt printed and saw a lot of cool costumes. I made sure to get alot of photos. There was also a huge snake in the park. I think it was venomous too. It was brown and next to water so I think it was a cottonmouth. Sadly I wasn’t able to buy anything or get any food but I had brought chips, it wasn’t until me and James went to the movie later that I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything except chips all day. So on the way home from the movie we passed by McDonalds and I got a McDouble and a McChicken. Anyways as mentioned after the Hatsume fair James and I went to my house where he waited while I showered and got ready to go. My sister was half naked as usual so he couldn’t come inside plus the movie was at 6pm so I had to hurry. I was pretty fast only took about 10 minutes. Power rangers was pretty good and tomorrow the group and I are going to Miami. Hopefully my mom will add on my loan so I can get food etc…


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