My feet at kpop store, Boba tea and Thai restaurant

So today is now 4 days after my laproscopic, etc… surgery and I’m going to meet the group for a meetup at the kpop store and the Boba tea store. I asked James to pick me up but first I wanted to pass by walmart and get some groceries. After that we were off to the kpop store but on the way I asked him to stop at Winn Dixie so I could get some food. I got a salad and a naked juice. After that we arrived and I spent some time looking around the store was full of people who were all apparently from the meetup group. I checked out the cd section and there was music from all the major artist and even an nsonic poster. I eventually got some noodles, a Ramone drink and an ice cream. Later I also got a sailor moon poster for about 5 dollars. I wished I had left the noodles and just gotten the poster, drink and ice-cream but it’s cool I’ll just work extra hard to make that money back. The girl working at the counter was named Jasmine and James and I waited for her so she could follow us to the Boba tea place. After we all got there and the others got their teas Ch$^€^!%* asked the manager of the next door Thai restaurant to set up a table for us so we could sit and eat. Ch/ €^!%! and James shared their sushi with me and I also ate my salad. After that we all hung out talking until almost midnight. I met some really cool people including two new members from India and a blonde guy who did martial arts and worked in the medical field. All in all it was a fun day.


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