My feet at my birthday party

Today was my birthday and we had a celebration at the beach. J@^!€? brought rice food with ingredients in the middle, Will brought 3 pizzas, Matt brought a table and chips and hummus, Jason V brought chips and drinks and James brought a cooler and other things. C^÷€×($! actually baked me a chocolate peppermint cake and got me gifts and candles and the whole nine. 😆 We played ball and frisbee but the lifeguard blew the whistle at us so we had to play in the water which was fun. There was a lot of seaweed. Juan and D!€&% were also there. It was a really fun day. Afterwards James and I went to Tropical Smoothie for my free smoothie then Firehouse Subs for my free sub. James got a smoothie and a half of my sub. Bestest birthday ever. I even got a bunch of leftovers.


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