Crafts meetup

Today I went to a crafts meetup at Panera Bread. I got there first I believe and saw a woman working on beading a picture using a bunch of strings on a large loom type thing. She wasnt a part of the meetup but she used to go to other meetups in New York. Anyways Jess finally showed up and we all got food, I got my free birthday pastry, and then we all sat and ate and chatted. Sadly I was in a rush and also doing a survey. I had to leave early because I had a 2 hour survey session to do and so I left at like 6:30pm to catch the bus. I ended up leaving later than 6:30 cuz I was still talking to the members of the group and sadly when I got outside the bus was already driving away. I tried to catch up hoping it would have someone to pick up and or let off at the next stop but sadly it just kept going. The good thing is that the woman who was doing the pretty beading came outside as I was standing there trying to finish my survey and she aksed me if I gave up on the group already and I said no that I had to leave early and had missed my bus and she offered me a ride. She is Jewish and her name is Robin. She was talking about her doctor who didn’t want to write her a script to get an xray and that she had had surgery on her hip or something like. She also didnt have any kids but she liked kids. Anyways I was really happy that she gave me a ride. She was pretty nice to me and I was able to get home in time to start my session. The session didnt start until like 30 minutes later but I was happy that I didnt have to walk home so it was happy to get home early without having to walk to get there. Sadly the meetups are only once a month but I did have a good time and I loved the almond drop raspberry cookie and I was able to do my session afterwrads and submit it.


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