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My feet at Sephora and Red Robin

So today I decided to go pick up my free gift from Sephora at the Boynton Beach Mall. I got my gift and then got on the bus to go back home but it was raining really heavily so I decided to stay on the bus thinking I was on the way to Red Robin. Turns out I was on the wrong bus so I got off at the Boca Tri rail and got on the bus going back the other way which came within a few minutes and I finally got to the Palm Beach Outlets. I realized they had a Tj Maxx and a Whole Foods so I did some exploring first before going to get my burger. I officially really like this Whole Foods they have a large selection of cooked foods and omg I’ve never seen so many organic body care products in one place. The Tj Maxx didn’t have any Nubian Heritage products but ne of their employees said that sometimes they do have some of their products. They also had a Vitamin Shoppe and I was able to find a whole lot of Nubian Heritage products there but not the hair masque. But I think that I can order the hair masque at the store when I’m ready to buy another one. Anyways I finally went to get my burger, I sat at the bar and a friendly slightly chubby blonde bar tender took my order and served other people including making another man at the bar a smoothie. I say and played with the tablet they had because mines was dieing and the bartender said she couldnt charge it for me. Sadly I couldnt play the games unless I ordered a drink and I didnt have money to spare so I just read articles instead. Anyways finally my burger came so I got it tipped the bar tender and went to the palm beach outlets  food court to eat and charge my device. THE BURGER AND THE FRIES WERE AMAZING OH MY GOSH NO WONDER THEIR FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY. LOL anyways after eating I used the restroom and left to catch the bus home. It was a good day except for Bjs brewhouse telling me that to get my FREE gift I had to make a purchase. Kinda defeats the purpose of free right. Anyways good day besides that and the rain lol.


My feet getting my birthday gift from Ulta

So today I decided to come pick up my Ulta gift. However it turned out that there was no Ulta at the Boca Town Square so I had to go to Westwinds instead. I had to chase the bus down because it left early. But I did catch it and I got to the westwinds plaza. When I got to the plaza I realized there was a Publix there so I popped in to get a nubian heritage lotion which happened to be on sale then I went to get my gift from Ulta. They also had a bunch of nubian heritage products but not the hair masque I needed to replace. Oh well. Anyways after returning my deodorant because of the discomfort it was causing me I got the bus back to the Boca Town Center and got the bus home. I was lucky enough to get a free shipping coupon to use on my next Ulta purchase. Yay me.




Yay me I’m officially a year older. I got a nice gift from my momma and a late birthday wish from my sis and wne tto food pantry later in afternoon and got soo many tomatoes yum and watermelon and salad and an orange and and and ……..you get the point 🙂

All in all twas a good day Usher and Josh won The Voice woohoo and Miami Heat won against Indian Pacers

P.S. I think one of the guys who works at the food pantry likes me or thinks I’m not ocd….I am ocd. He gave an apple he was eating from to be polite I took a bite then I was freaking out that I probably caught e coli or salmonella when I remembered he was carrying meat and boxes and more than likely hadn’t washed his hands before eating the apple and probably hadn’t eaten the apple either. EEEEWWWW I’ve seen people put trash into the compactor where I live just touch that disease ridden handle for the trash chute and then just go about their day I have no faith in the cleanliness of other humans. Bleh I have to go drink some immunity boosting tea now. I mean duh people flush toilets and don’t wash their hands afterwards like they think that people wash their hands THEN flush the toilet so therefore the toilet handle isn’t riddled with fecal matter Earth to Humanity it is riddled with fecal matter omg omg omg that’s why I clean mine ALL THE TIME just saying. I know I’m going on with my lil ocd self buuuut I hate being sick and this is a great way to avoid illness 🙂

P.P.S. I heard that one of the M states has outlawed antibacterial stuff THANK GOODNESS that stuff is creating super-bugs and if we keep using it The Walking Dead will happen for sure. Soap and water is juuuust fine. Anti-bacterial is really really really bad for us and our future survival just say no to anti-bacterial products. I hope they outlaw that everywhere. *fingers crossed*

my feet at Rebar for birthday party

my feet at Rebar for birthday party

Oh what a fun night. If only there wasn’t such a thing as smoke getting into clothing. Oh well time to air out my clothes lol. Awesome talent show and saw the guy with blond hair who reminds me of a sag because of his free theory of life. wonder if he was drunk when he said/did that doesn’t matter he’s still cool looking. Gosh why do I like bad boys why why why why why. He’s not that bad but definitely non-committal. *shrug* what can I do. Well what I could do is to go and use my new foot massager oooh it’s soo nice