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My feet at Sephora and Red Robin

So today I decided to go pick up my free gift from Sephora at the Boynton Beach Mall. I got my gift and then got on the bus to go back home but it was raining really heavily so I decided to stay on the bus thinking I was on the way to Red Robin. Turns out I was on the wrong bus so I got off at the Boca Tri rail and got on the bus going back the other way which came within a few minutes and I finally got to the Palm Beach Outlets. I realized they had a Tj Maxx and a Whole Foods so I did some exploring first before going to get my burger. I officially really like this Whole Foods they have a large selection of cooked foods and omg I’ve never seen so many organic body care products in one place. The Tj Maxx didn’t have any Nubian Heritage products but ne of their employees said that sometimes they do have some of their products. They also had a Vitamin Shoppe and I was able to find a whole lot of Nubian Heritage products there but not the hair masque. But I think that I can order the hair masque at the store when I’m ready to buy another one. Anyways I finally went to get my burger, I sat at the bar and a friendly slightly chubby blonde bar tender took my order and served other people including making another man at the bar a smoothie. I say and played with the tablet they had because mines was dieing and the bartender said she couldnt charge it for me. Sadly I couldnt play the games unless I ordered a drink and I didnt have money to spare so I just read articles instead. Anyways finally my burger came so I got it tipped the bar tender and went to the palm beach outlets  food court to eat and charge my device. THE BURGER AND THE FRIES WERE AMAZING OH MY GOSH NO WONDER THEIR FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY. LOL anyways after eating I used the restroom and left to catch the bus home. It was a good day except for Bjs brewhouse telling me that to get my FREE gift I had to make a purchase. Kinda defeats the purpose of free right. Anyways good day besides that and the rain lol.

My feet at art meetup

So day after my birthday and I decided to go to a meetup for sketching. I got there early so I hung out in the gallery across the street. This was the same place where the street painting was. The comic book store was there and it was actually the same coffee shop that we had stopped at for coffee that the meetup was in. I talked to the girl, working at the gallery for a while. She had some pieces of small pottery with plants in them displayed on the front counter. After chatting with her I went over for the meetup which was fun even though my drawing didn’t come out so great lol.  The organizer gave us goodie bags with chocolate candy and other cute things in it. I devoured the candy so the organizer gave me another one later on. Afterwards I got lost getting the bus back so I called mommy and sh asked for gummy bears so whe I finally found the bus stop there was a Cvs next to it so I went into Cvs and got the Gummy Bears and I think I got some small snickers for myself. Because I got lost I had to take the last bus back to the college where I met C/@£%€(. We chatted on the bus until my stop and then we hugged goodbye. Apparently there is supposed to be a meetup to see Baywatch soon.

My feet at hospital after surgery

Today I was at the hospital because after my laproscopic surgery for endometriosis I got a hernia and had to have it repaired. I ended up spending two days in the hospital. It was like a vacation. The nurse even borrowed a charger for me to use with my device. All in all it was a good stay

My feet on Clematis eating sushi

So today I took the bus and met C/^*_= early at the library to hang before meeting St#$%€ for sushi later. We bought a donut from Dunkin Donuts to tide us over and we sat outside of the library to eat it. We chatted then met S//÷@. We had a lot of food, we had tuna sushi, salmon sushi and another large sushi dish then we had ice cream and cake and some other desert, some kind of donut. The cake was a small round mousse cake that I had the honor of cutting into three pieces. And we had that with vanilla ice cream. The bill was pretty high and we left a 20 dollar tip for the waitress. After that S#//@ gave us both a ride home.  It was an awesome day.

My feet at Walmart getting gift for brother

Today we ordered my brother’s gift and I went to Walmart to pick it up. When I got off the second bus I went to the Trader Joe’s and looked around and I noticed that they had tart cherry for a really good price. Anyway I had to run to catch the third bus thank goodness they waited for me. Then I picked up the present a Pokemon game and went home.