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My feet at mini iwai

Today I got a ride from James to go to Mini Iwai. I went to some of the panels once we got there including a film making panel and a few others. I took alot of photos of costumes and met up with Chantel once she arrived and we all went to Wendys for a second time to get food. Some of the group members had to leave early but we still all got to have alot of fun. matt was in costume which was cool. I was able to log into the wifi at the hotel we were at by asking one of the bartenders for the password. I got some contact info for the two female film makers and I also went to a largest pop group performance. Basically it was a fun day.


My feet at Hatsume fair 

So today C&:!%£*”* treated me to the Hatsume fair for my birthday. I got a shirt printed and saw a lot of cool costumes. I made sure to get alot of photos. There was also a huge snake in the park. I think it was venomous too. It was brown and next to water so I think it was a cottonmouth. Sadly I wasn’t able to buy anything or get any food but I had brought chips, it wasn’t until me and James went to the movie later that I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything except chips all day. So on the way home from the movie we passed by McDonalds and I got a McDouble and a McChicken. Anyways as mentioned after the Hatsume fair James and I went to my house where he waited while I showered and got ready to go. My sister was half naked as usual so he couldn’t come inside plus the movie was at 6pm so I had to hurry. I was pretty fast only took about 10 minutes. Power rangers was pretty good and tomorrow the group and I are going to Miami. Hopefully my mom will add on my loan so I can get food etc…