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My feet st soup kitchen

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Oh the food was soo yummy. It was alot of food too. I was super full and I even got pecan pie.

When I got there they hadn’t started yet so I walked around for a bit the library was closed but I didn’t want to go to the park across the street so I walked to the corner store that I’ve driven by a thousand times instead. The guy running the store was Indian I believe and I bought some peppermint patties and gum. I gave one to ma. Went back and it turns out dinner started already. So earlier than I had seen on the signs outside thank goodness lol. I was starving. I sat with two older women who appeared caucasian and we spoke alot about snow and cold weather and cooking and all sorts of other fun stuff and then I had to leave so I said bye and gave them my bagels and snacks as ma couldn’t chew them and I went home and digested.

My feet at pizza shop, oriental store, Nature’s Den, Dollar General and Save-a-lot

My feet at pizza shop, oriental store, Nature's Den, Dollar General and Save-a-lot

So today was a busy day, I went to the library and typed up my letter to them about “him” and how it was crazy that he was advertising there, I paid my fine (I brought my bag of canned goods in thinking/hoping they were still taking canned goods for fines) and also paid to print my document which it turns out was really expensive (never again), then I got out of there and went to the post office for an envelope and stamps (also expensive), then I left there and went to Nature’s Den, after first putting air in the tires at Hess, where I exchanged the conditioner for CoQ10 lotion and then I got a migraine remedy for ma for Christmas and also two extra, non-vaseline, lip glosses, (I got a 31 cent discount) ahahaha but hey it’s something, anywho after that I put the stuff in the car and went to check out the bike store, on the way there I saw an oriental store and decided to go in for my seaweed but it wasn’t the one I’ve been craving but I got it anyway the Asian women that I can only assumed owned the store was really nice to me. I left and went down to the pizza shop next and ordered a pizza and talked to the guy behind the counter a bit about Trinidad and Tobago and about the rapper with the name of the larger island who I think according to what I’ve heard is from there. The two white males in the 20’s to 30’s that were working the counter were really nice I paid and tipped them after coming out of the restroom which was super awesome, and then I went to the bike shop to ask about the bikes there they said none of them were under $50 oh well. I left and went back to get my pizza and then ran off to the oriental store again where got ginger, tamarind balls, cloves powered, sorrel dried, a few other seasoning powered, an aloe vera pineapple drink, plantain chips and a ginger drink (sadly there were no lemons) again she was really nice with me making jokes and asked me to come back which I responded saying I would :), (when I told ma about the store she figured they might have vanilla beans there). Anywho I left and forgot my pizza and btw everything totaled was soo affordable and the women called me back and handed it to me lol. It was funny anywho then I jumped in the car and headed to dollar general where I bought 4 more of the medicated powders and then also an umbrella. After that I went home. Yup it was an eventful day again but suuuper fun :).

Anwho til next time *waggles toes*.

Where we wish we had gone later today

Exif_JPEG_422Where we wish we had gone later today 08/25/2013

We went to the free clinic today and met some really nice nurses and stuff, all volunteers. We got there at 8:45am and waited for them to open with a few other people who were also there. We got a full check up and a prescription for antibiotics for our neighbor’s tonsilits/strep throat. The doctor almost didn’t see the spots in our neighbors throat and we had to tell her to look harder and then she finally saw them lol. Anywho we went and dropped off the prescription which was free and would take 40 minutes to prepare and then we dropped off the recyclables after buying a bottle of sparkling water from Walmart. Sadly it was water with co2 in it and our neighbors eyes didn’t realize so we had to go and exchange it. We were soo happy that they had the water we wanted after all and that it was just far back on the self in a different spot from the other stores, or else we would’ve had to get prerrier or else go thirsty lol. We would’ve been very sad but not as sad as our neighbor mouth and closer neighbor stomach :). We later grabbed some metal to exchange and then we went to the recycling plant but they were closed so instead we had them test the metal and told us it was steel and that they buy it for $5.50 a pound so our neighbor mouth said “ok cool we’ll be back next week when you’re open.” We then thought about going to the beach but couldn’t go because the little bit of gas we put in after buying the first bottle of water started running out again. So instead we went home driving next to the river and after we got home our neighbors hands and eyes started filling out the forms to send in next week. Sadly our doctor’s office was in the city we used to live in which is where the assault happened and where alot of stuff happened between us and alot of ex-friends so we were having some bouts of anxiety all day which got worse when we got home and were filling out the forms. Our neighbors lungs were doing some deep breathing to help us all to stay calm. It wasn’t working very well though So we decided to call the advocate chatline and they talked to us and we feel alot better now. All in all it was a good day, nice and warm and productive. We’re happy we got so much done and we were very happy that we got lucky and were able to see the doctor today right when we all needed to. Right now we’re taking a break and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and maybe later we’ll be able to get a cookie but more than likely we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get cookies lol. Ehehehehe we like cookies 😀 or at least out neighbors mouth and stomach do lol. Anywho we didn’t get a photo of where we went to today but this is a photo of where we wish we had gone after all the errand running. We’ll just go to the pool tomorrow instead and hopefully it’ll be nice and warm with a strong wind. *fingers crossed.*

Til next time *waggles toes*