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Crafts meetup

Today I went to a crafts meetup at Panera Bread. I got there first I believe and saw a woman working on beading a picture using a bunch of strings on a large loom type thing. She wasnt a part of the meetup but she used to go to other meetups in New York. Anyways Jess finally showed up and we all got food, I got my free birthday pastry, and then we all sat and ate and chatted. Sadly I was in a rush and also doing a survey. I had to leave early because I had a 2 hour survey session to do and so I left at like 6:30pm to catch the bus. I ended up leaving later than 6:30 cuz I was still talking to the members of the group and sadly when I got outside the bus was already driving away. I tried to catch up hoping it would have someone to pick up and or let off at the next stop but sadly it just kept going. The good thing is that the woman who was doing the pretty beading came outside as I was standing there trying to finish my survey and she aksed me if I gave up on the group already and I said no that I had to leave early and had missed my bus and she offered me a ride. She is Jewish and her name is Robin. She was talking about her doctor who didn’t want to write her a script to get an xray and that she had had surgery on her hip or something like. She also didnt have any kids but she liked kids. Anyways I was really happy that she gave me a ride. She was pretty nice to me and I was able to get home in time to start my session. The session didnt start until like 30 minutes later but I was happy that I didnt have to walk home so it was happy to get home early without having to walk to get there. Sadly the meetups are only once a month but I did have a good time and I loved the almond drop raspberry cookie and I was able to do my session afterwrads and submit it.

My feet at WonderWoman

Today James and I went to see Wonder Woman he had a flu so Im really hoping I dont get it. I’ve been taking vitamin c since then. Anyways it rained the whole day so it was a good thing that James brought a large umbrella. Anyways we missed the beginning of the movie but what I did see was really good. Awesome day despite the incessant rain.

My feet at sketching meetup

Today I went to the second sketch meetup at at cafe in delray. I continued working on my drawing from the plein air meetup. the meetup runner bought me a coffe and we all talked with the other woman that showed up then we went for a walk around downtown. Then afterwards Kat gave me a ride home and took my number so we could stay in touch. I was really happy to get a ride home becuse I wasnt sure the bus would be running on schedule because earlier at the tri rail station the bus left 9 minutes early even though its a marked stop in the schedule booklet. anyways I was able to hang out for a longer time because I got a ride home so I was pretty happy about that. I had known I didnt have any money with me so I made sure to bring a few snacks with including two pieces of guava cake and a banana. Yup I was prepared but sadly not prepared enough as after a few hours of drawing I was starving. But it was fine I got home and went to get a pizza and used a mcdonalds coupon to get some sandwiches. All in all it was a pretty awesome meetup.

My feet watching Baywatch

Today we deided to watch Baywatch. I really didnt care to watch it but the group was going so I decided to go too. C%^&*’s friend from New York was there and they decided to get food and then when James showed up he ordred food too. It took forever to get our food so by the time we got it the movie had been playing for a few minutes already. It was a funny movie but had some gross parts as many “comedies” do these days. But anyways I had fun.

My feet at art meetup

So day after my birthday and I decided to go to a meetup for sketching. I got there early so I hung out in the gallery across the street. This was the same place where the street painting was. The comic book store was there and it was actually the same coffee shop that we had stopped at for coffee that the meetup was in. I talked to the girl, working at the gallery for a while. She had some pieces of small pottery with plants in them displayed on the front counter. After chatting with her I went over for the meetup which was fun even though my drawing didn’t come out so great lol.  The organizer gave us goodie bags with chocolate candy and other cute things in it. I devoured the candy so the organizer gave me another one later on. Afterwards I got lost getting the bus back so I called mommy and sh asked for gummy bears so whe I finally found the bus stop there was a Cvs next to it so I went into Cvs and got the Gummy Bears and I think I got some small snickers for myself. Because I got lost I had to take the last bus back to the college where I met C/@£%€(. We chatted on the bus until my stop and then we hugged goodbye. Apparently there is supposed to be a meetup to see Baywatch soon.

My feet at kpop store, Boba tea and Thai restaurant

So today is now 4 days after my laproscopic, etc… surgery and I’m going to meet the group for a meetup at the kpop store and the Boba tea store. I asked James to pick me up but first I wanted to pass by walmart and get some groceries. After that we were off to the kpop store but on the way I asked him to stop at Winn Dixie so I could get some food. I got a salad and a naked juice. After that we arrived and I spent some time looking around the store was full of people who were all apparently from the meetup group. I checked out the cd section and there was music from all the major artist and even an nsonic poster. I eventually got some noodles, a Ramone drink and an ice cream. Later I also got a sailor moon poster for about 5 dollars. I wished I had left the noodles and just gotten the poster, drink and ice-cream but it’s cool I’ll just work extra hard to make that money back. The girl working at the counter was named Jasmine and James and I waited for her so she could follow us to the Boba tea place. After we all got there and the others got their teas Ch$^€^!%* asked the manager of the next door Thai restaurant to set up a table for us so we could sit and eat. Ch/ €^!%! and James shared their sushi with me and I also ate my salad. After that we all hung out talking until almost midnight. I met some really cool people including two new members from India and a blonde guy who did martial arts and worked in the medical field. All in all it was a fun day.