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My feet at WonderWoman

Today James and I went to see Wonder Woman he had a flu so Im really hoping I dont get it. I’ve been taking vitamin c since then. Anyways it rained the whole day so it was a good thing that James brought a large umbrella. Anyways we missed the beginning of the movie but what I did see was really good. Awesome day despite the incessant rain.


My feet in at the movie theatre after watching Catching Fire

My feet in  place I do not remember day after Take Back The Night event So today I went to the movies and I only paid $5 yay me. When I got to the theatre I was freaking out about the window of the car but then I was like oh relax and when I got in I smelled the popcorn but not enough money so after checking to see if the movie had started yet i ran off to get a snak fro Publix for $0.50 which was a feat. I finally found a bag of chips and when I got back the movie was already playing I was annoyed. I got there in time to see the part where Katniss and Gale were kissing. Anywho I fidgeted alot during the movie at the beginning I changed my seat like 5 times until I found one I liked I also had to use the restroom partway through and therefore missed the part where Peeta gets killed by the force field. All-in all it was an amazing movie. Sadly I dropped my chips at one point but it was okay I figure doritoes are bad for my health anyways lol.

After the movie I went to Publix again to see if there were more samples of the new ice cream being offered (while buying my snack before going into the movie they were giving out samples of an awesome new ice cream and I had one and it was really yummy) sadly they were doing samples of the ice cream still which I was happy about because it would mean the worker would’ve been standing there that long. Anywho instead I went to the new sample station and saw that thy were making fish with pesto pasta……it was amazing. Anywho after spending like 10-20 minutes in the store waiting around like a wierdo to get a smaple of food, albeit awesome food, I was so ready/happy to get out of there. Lol. I went outside with my manual for getting catering, another for organic foods, and the recipe for what I had just eaten and I finished my sample dropped some napkins and the put everything in the trash.

I the in got in the car and got a call from mommy telling me to go get Spar. Apparently he was already out and I took selvitz to get there but then we had a miscommunication and he went back to work and I ended up waiting for like an hour for him after finally realizing he didn’t know I was there and (I had thought he had gotten a ride already) was inside. Anywho finally he got out and we left.

It was a good day in general I was just on the nick of time with getting ready to go to the movie and decided to take Indian River drive to get there. Yeah it was a good day loving Jennifer Lawrence.