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My feet at WonderWoman

Today James and I went to see Wonder Woman he had a flu so Im really hoping I dont get it. I’ve been taking vitamin c since then. Anyways it rained the whole day so it was a good thing that James brought a large umbrella. Anyways we missed the beginning of the movie but what I did see was really good. Awesome day despite the incessant rain.


My feet at Sephora and Red Robin

So today I decided to go pick up my free gift from Sephora at the Boynton Beach Mall. I got my gift and then got on the bus to go back home but it was raining really heavily so I decided to stay on the bus thinking I was on the way to Red Robin. Turns out I was on the wrong bus so I got off at the Boca Tri rail and got on the bus going back the other way which came within a few minutes and I finally got to the Palm Beach Outlets. I realized they had a Tj Maxx and a Whole Foods so I did some exploring first before going to get my burger. I officially really like this Whole Foods they have a large selection of cooked foods and omg I’ve never seen so many organic body care products in one place. The Tj Maxx didn’t have any Nubian Heritage products but ne of their employees said that sometimes they do have some of their products. They also had a Vitamin Shoppe and I was able to find a whole lot of Nubian Heritage products there but not the hair masque. But I think that I can order the hair masque at the store when I’m ready to buy another one. Anyways I finally went to get my burger, I sat at the bar and a friendly slightly chubby blonde bar tender took my order and served other people including making another man at the bar a smoothie. I say and played with the tablet they had because mines was dieing and the bartender said she couldnt charge it for me. Sadly I couldnt play the games unless I ordered a drink and I didnt have money to spare so I just read articles instead. Anyways finally my burger came so I got it tipped the bar tender and went to the palm beach outlets  food court to eat and charge my device. THE BURGER AND THE FRIES WERE AMAZING OH MY GOSH NO WONDER THEIR FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY. LOL anyways after eating I used the restroom and left to catch the bus home. It was a good day except for Bjs brewhouse telling me that to get my FREE gift I had to make a purchase. Kinda defeats the purpose of free right. Anyways good day besides that and the rain lol.

My feet at soup kitchen

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

At soup kitchen and a guy there lost his wife to cancer a few weeks before, it was sad. He looked really sad and his daughter was mentally challenged and at the same table was a guy with autism as well. The server was a tall, slim, (white appearing) male who was very nice. The food was a bit spicy after all it was chilli with corn mushrooms and yellow rice in it. It was yummy. Later I walked around the church a bit and saw there was a park behind a fence a little way back. All in all life isn’t easy for everyone else either. I’m not the only depressed person or person with problems.

My feet at veterinarian office

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


So went to get a flea pill today for kittie. I got some pamphlets for pet insurance and while I was there a man (white older wearing baggy clothes carrying a tiny striped cat came in) I immediately though eep this kittie is super cute. The woman (white older maybe 50 or younger reddish dark longish hair wearing tight jeans and so on nicely dressed unlike the guy lol) who came in afterwards was friendlier and said she liked my boots (I told her I got them from Bealls with a coupon and on sale) and that she got the cat from craigslist and that it broke her mirror and it’s a handful. Lol sounds like a true kitten. Anywho I got the stuff and went back home. Had to reschedule my doctor appointment sadly. But all in all good day even with the pain and rain and fleas lol. Til next time waggles toes 🙂

my feet at ………alot of places

PIC_0800  PIC_0798PIC_0799


So today I dragged my self out of bed and went to the food pantry but it was closed and after that I went to the chiropractor’s office and omg my doctor is so sexy. He has silver hair and is like 50 and sigh soo cute 🙂 lol. Anyway he did an x-ray on my back and said he does his best to make sure that his patients don’t need surgery thank goodness. I most certainly do not want back surgery bleh. Anyway he made me do this rocking thing where he puts his hand on my shoulder and I held onto his arm and he rocked me to measure and study the movement in my back. Well it’s more than I’ve had from any chiropractor before oh right I’ve never really been to a chiropractor before about time considering all my back problems. Omg I’m going to have to do a lot of work to get my back fixed I can tell. Well that’s fine better sooner rather than later right. The staff at his office before I went back were all really nice the one who checked me in was a blond woman about 40 or so with a pronounced British accent. She was really nice and we chatted and then the other 3 then 4 women that were there all wearing an interesting shade of sea green shirts of different cuts and shades came out and we were all chatting while the other patient there an elderly slim tall white male with a very friendly and non threatening face sat sleeping or resting his eyes on the chairs perpendicular to me. We chatted about my home country the rain hitting heads and backs as kids etc..etc… it was all really funny. After the appointment I left and it was raining, and I had to do some crazy maneuvering to get out of the parking spot, I went to a plaza to hang out for a bit before my next appointment. I took down some phone numbers and got a card for the local “exotic bird store”. All I could think was omg how do they get these birds are they emptying rain forest to get these birds are they breeding them from birds they already have are they kidnapped like dolphin babies are kidnapped form their pods to go perform etc.. I don’t like the idea of birds in cages or fish in fish tanks AT ALL. #emptythetanks I say but eh there’s a demand because apparently some people don’t see how cruel it is to go from flying in the treetops to living in a cage forever. I can totally see why my ex-acquaintances’ bird bit me. I’d bite people too if someone put me to live in a 10ft-10ft box for my entire life. It’s so sadistic and …wrong. But hey maybe I’ll call them later and ask just how they get these birds. I finally left and went to my doctor apt. but had to leave to get change but I was super early so it was ok. I ended up having to get change twice lol. Anyways I finally got it and went back to the doctor office, I have to see both doctors again before the end of this month. BTW as I was leaving a cop was in her office for the next apt. and of course he drove a big truck lol. After that I went home for a bit completely forgetting to pass by Walmart for vinegar and after he got dropped off I went to my meeting and I was so panicked and thought that person talking was her but it wasn’t it was the one with the piercings and tattoos lol. Thank goodness. I sat next to her and M***** was so happy to see me and other than S***** it looked like everyone else was someone I didn’t know oh right except for another women the tiny one with the salt and pepper hair who apparently has a daughter who was there. Anyway it was a good meeting and we went for coffee afterwards myself and 3 others and M****** got me tea, yay, and we chatted about the possibility that maybe matriarchal societies existed en masse and that being the possible reason for Stonehenge and M****** though it was because it was to tell when we were fertile for pregnancy etc.. as in that’s all we were there for, lol it was very funny the conversation went totally off course for a bit, lots of jokes etc… They didn’t seem to think it was at all possible that it was ever “better”. Personally I think it must have been considering…………… Anyway finally M***** had to go home and the other girl with curly hair didn’t want us to leave 🙂 it was cute she reminds me soo much of myself. Her and the other girl went off to chat and I went to Walmart and got the vinegars. I got one of each kind and in fact had to try 3 self checkouts before I could find a one that took cash and another customer a young attractive white male was waiting behind me and he decided to wait for my register and he was chatting with me about the registers etc.. at that moment he seemed very friendly like a nice person, you never truly know though do you, lol. After cashing out and saying goodnight back to him I had to go to customer service to exchange one of the bottles for a bigger one bcuz I realized I had enough money to get it then I got gas at the walmart gas station and it turned out to be 5cents more than what it said and so when I stopped pumping gas I looked at the displays and apparently the displays that show the price without a walmart card were dark and the lit up one shows, of course, the cheaper price. Granted not all the more expensive displays were broken but it still irritated me …..until I saw, while driving home, that even with the extra 5cents other gas stations were still more expensive. Anyway good day going to read now and hope my test come back not too bad. It didn’t sound good when he examined me. No wonder I had neck and lower back pain definitely some vertebraes that are off oh well no need to worry let’s wiat and see. Well until next wiggles toes. 🙂


VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

My Feet getting bro from work

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My Feet getting bro from work

I actually got to read a bit whole waiting for him yay me. At first when I showed up I thought I was too early and that the store was still open because a rich white blonde women in her 30’s – 40’s was getting checked out. She was wearing a sundress and had a convertible car which she left the top down on and was complaining about leaving it down without realizing it was going to rain…….. it was raining.

My feet at college

My feet at college

So took bro to college today to do stuff and I even took my pillow and eye cover and book and it was raining and stuff and I had to go pee because I always have to pee these days and when I got back and I finally got all comfy he was like (in a text) I’m ready ….and I thinking good because I didn’t want to fall asleep and miss his text lol.

P.S. when I was exploring the area I parked (by some building in back for STEM that I never really paid attention to or even really knew was there) I saw fever bush and I remembered how that weird drummer guy that used to hang with Flint and the rapist etc… kept asking me if I was sure it was the right plant, it could be it’s look-a-like when I told Flint about it and I was like wow he was totally mansplaining to me. Like omg she couldn’t possible know what she’s talking about even though she’s spent most of her whole childhood drinking and picking and seeing this plant smh anywho til next time toe waggle.

P.P.S. that plant is pretty distinctive from it’s cousin because of it’s orange to yellow colored fruit. it’s cousin doesn’t have those duuuuh lol