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My feet at WonderWoman

Today James and I went to see Wonder Woman he had a flu so Im really hoping I dont get it. I’ve been taking vitamin c since then. Anyways it rained the whole day so it was a good thing that James brought a large umbrella. Anyways we missed the beginning of the movie but what I did see was really good. Awesome day despite the incessant rain.


My feet at Sephora and Red Robin

So today I decided to go pick up my free gift from Sephora at the Boynton Beach Mall. I got my gift and then got on the bus to go back home but it was raining really heavily so I decided to stay on the bus thinking I was on the way to Red Robin. Turns out I was on the wrong bus so I got off at the Boca Tri rail and got on the bus going back the other way which came within a few minutes and I finally got to the Palm Beach Outlets. I realized they had a Tj Maxx and a Whole Foods so I did some exploring first before going to get my burger. I officially really like this Whole Foods they have a large selection of cooked foods and omg I’ve never seen so many organic body care products in one place. The Tj Maxx didn’t have any Nubian Heritage products but ne of their employees said that sometimes they do have some of their products. They also had a Vitamin Shoppe and I was able to find a whole lot of Nubian Heritage products there but not the hair masque. But I think that I can order the hair masque at the store when I’m ready to buy another one. Anyways I finally went to get my burger, I sat at the bar and a friendly slightly chubby blonde bar tender took my order and served other people including making another man at the bar a smoothie. I say and played with the tablet they had because mines was dieing and the bartender said she couldnt charge it for me. Sadly I couldnt play the games unless I ordered a drink and I didnt have money to spare so I just read articles instead. Anyways finally my burger came so I got it tipped the bar tender and went to the palm beach outlets ¬†food court to eat and charge my device. THE BURGER AND THE FRIES WERE AMAZING OH MY GOSH NO WONDER THEIR FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY. LOL anyways after eating I used the restroom and left to catch the bus home. It was a good day except for Bjs brewhouse telling me that to get my FREE gift I had to make a purchase. Kinda defeats the purpose of free right. Anyways good day besides that and the rain lol.

My feet at Mesa de Conversacion


So I didn’t get to go to my group today but I did get to go to my club meeting. I participated in a contest (I had to remember what everyone liked without looking at the paper) and won a $10 gift card to the school bookstore so I bought a flash drive that was on sale. Of course it rained again today making the group a no go. Still upset about that. I really want to see M****** but oh well whatever. So it was fun at the club meeting today there were a few new people and in total there were 12 of us including the professors. I tried the vanilla bean latte today and K***** also gave me his chai tea. I spoke to L**** for a bit while I shopped. She was super friendly/talkative lol. Anywho got home and got the bad news that I couldn’t go tonight so I watched t.v. and played games. All in all a fun night could’ve been better but I coped pretty well I think.

P.S. before the meeting I spoke to admissions and they showed me that the grade change documents weren’t submitted as yet so I emailed the dean when I got home. It also looks as if I took the same class twice *shrug* oh well guess I’ll have to wait and see.