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My feet at Game Night


Today I got picked up by Miki with H@×¥ to go to the game night. I had been sleeping all day and the phone woke me up. It was Miki calling so I got up got dressed and went to the car. I had made sure to shower ahead of time. Anyways we got there and it was a basically good party we played Resistance and I was on the side of the Resistance every time except like the last time. In the second to last round they were all saying that I was the spy when in fact I wasn’t. It was a really fun game. After that we played Superfight. That was fun. In one round I was a rabid pikachu who could move my mustache at will. But my opponent was my mom and I cant remember her power but she, Miki ended up winning lol. Anyways while this was going on James and Jen were playing Chess. There were also three pizzas one buffalo chicken which I didnt particularly like, one was veggie which had no flavor whatsoever and the last was plain. Anyways it was a great party and right before me Miki and H@£¥ left we played that tv game where you log into a site and write quips and stuff. The games was fun. All in all a great game night.