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My feet at Plato’s Closet



Today I got up early to make it to Platos Closet for when they open to take part in the grab bag sale. I was the second person there when I arrived but by the time they opened there were like 20 people waiting. Anyways I went to accessories first when they opened then went to skirts and then the other bins. I got some good stuff but missed out on some skirts which was fine cuz I got some of them. I was pretty happy with how much I got by folding them and placing them in the bag. Anyways I had to send my mom some pictures to get some ideas of what to take and then finally I was able to cash out get some more punches on my card including an extra one that she gave me to be nice and then I went to Target to get pancake mix and then go home. The bag was pretty heavy cuz I had alot of stuff but I made it home in one piece.


my feet at target, Walmart, Publix, Post office

Today we went for a bit of a trek we went for cough drops at Walmart for mom, went to Publix to get weighed, according to the publix scale I gained ten pounds lol, went to the post office to mail two letters and a package, in line at the post office there was a woman in front of me in line with a shirt that said I’m gigantic, titanic I might cause panic lol, anyways then I went to Target to drop off recyclables, then went to Office Depot to make copies then went home then left again to go to Florida Blue to try to fax letter again then back to Office Depot to make copies for ma. All in all an eventful hot day.

my feet at Target, Walmart, Publix and Florida Blue

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Today I went to drop off the recyclables at target, Then I scouted out some prices and I found that organic berries are cheaper at Target than at Publix. After that I went to drop off the rest of the recyclables at Publix. Then I bought some meat and scouted out some prices there too and then I went to Walmart to get the gummy bears, dish liquid, toilet paper, cereal and milk. I pretty much used up all of my food stamps. Oh well off to the food pantry tomorrow. After coming home I ate then went to fax my letter to access florida but the fax wouldn’t go through. I also set up an appointment to get seen by the nurse and I’m going to go to the nutrition classes because if I go to four out of five I get a gift. I wonder what it will be.