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My feet at Snack tasting and Karaoke


Today was the snack tasting but first me and my mom decided to go grocery shopping. So we walked to the store and got some groceries but I got sick and had to use the restroom and then but a fruit to eat. I ended up buying bananas and eating one as we were leaving the store. While we were in the store we got separated and I didnt know what to get so I got some stuff I wanted and then we mett up and finished shopping and ma reminded me of some other stuff I needed to get. After we got everything we cashed out and had to push some guys stuff back because he was putting his groceries up while our groceries were still in the cart. It was really annoying. Anyways we got done and left and walked home then almost all the way home I got a text that James was on his way. I texted back that I needed 30 minutes. But either way I got home and started unpacking the cart and then got ready. Sadly sis was in the bathroom so I had to wait but I finally got in but James was already waiting outside. I got ready as fast as I could then went downstairs but I had to come back up because I had my spare pants in my bag still. So after emptying some stuff I didn’t need I got back in the car and we were off to Fort Lauderdale. We got there at 1:47pm and we got in a very long line. We saw D/#&@ and a  J”&=? In line and then we finally got in. We waited a while in the store and looked around after getting a ticket and being told jokingly not to ask the guys giving out the stickers and tickets any questions cuz they would lie to us. At the meetup was three new people an Asian man named Makoto an Asian woman M@^^/# and a black girl with long natural hair. We all hung out and talked Juan got some comics. After a while we were able to go in but not before we checked out the anime section and found the sailor moon stuff. When we went in with the last of our group we got the sancks and aloe vera water which was awesome and sat to eat. We had some purple pocky sticks, cheese puffs and some other snacks. We got a paper to fill out for what snacks we wanted and also to sign up for the email list. Afterwards we all hung out in the room we were in which was a separate section of the store a while different room next door to the main room. We decided to go upstairs where people had huge models od battle fields with fake trees and people and stuff like that and they were playing with dice and then picking up some of the dice and recasting them. Later on we all gathered outside after buying snacks after me telling some of the others about the buy 2 snacks get one free coupon and then we got ready to go to R.O.K restaurant. We got a room and sat down at the table and got waters all around and placed our orders. Later the waitress came back with the appetizers and I ate most of it cuz I was hungry. I got fried rice which was good but I had also wanted to try the noodles but I had had a bad experience at another restaurant and the rice was good so I was happy. Turns out I shouldnt have spent the money because my visa gift card didnt go through and also Ja:&^;*! had gotten some extras for everyone. The extras were tasty wings which had some wierd tasting seasoning on them but the kimchi dumplings were good. We sang a bunch of songs including Paramore Aint It Fun. After a while I heard them sayingg that someone was coming with their sister and it turns out that Emily and Katie were coming. J@^/€& and B@&&/€ stayed behind to hang out with them. They got there right when everyome else was leaving. We were there for almost 3 hours. At one point I was actually getting sleepy and bored. But it was still fun. Im not happy I’ve spent so much money recently but I still had fun. Sadly again for the umpteenth time someone had to help pay for my meal 🙁. This time it was Jen. Anyways I still had fun but I really would like to start saving for my bed for when we move. All in all good day.