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My feet at sketch meetup


Today was another sketch meetup. I alsot didnt make it because I had to get the bus hours in advance and woulve had to wait 45 minutes until the time of the meetup so instead I decided to catch the later bus and got there about half an hour late but it wasnt too bad. It was awesome cuz there were other ladies there. Anyways I made sure to eat before I left the house so I was full. I decided to draw a teacup. Its not perfect but I’ll add a photo of it anyways. The Common Grounds Coffee shop was aweosme as usual and after they closed at 3pm and the owner gave us a card with punches for a free coffee we went to Starbucks and sat there and continued drawing. all in all it was fun except for the part where Starbucks locked their bathroom and when I asked to use it told me I had to buy something to use it to which I responded my friend bought something. That is the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard of in person. Anyways I had to charge my tablet so I plugged it in behind me. basically it was a great day.