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My feet at mini iwai

Today I got a ride from James to go to Mini Iwai. I went to some of the panels once we got there including a film making panel and a few others. I took alot of photos of costumes and met up with Chantel once she arrived and we all went to Wendys for a second time to get food. Some of the group members had to leave early but we still all got to have alot of fun. matt was in costume which was cool. I was able to log into the wifi at the hotel we were at by asking one of the bartenders for the password. I got some contact info for the two female film makers and I also went to a largest pop group performance. Basically it was a fun day.


My feet at street painting

For the past two days it was the street painting fair. On the second day I arrived before the others and I walked around and drew for a bit after I painted a little thing on the street in the kids painting section. I met up with C%^&*# and we hung out for a while until her family and James showed up. We got food and looked at all of the drawings. I even did a small drawing of my own of Sailor Pluto. While we were looking at all the drawings we came upon one that was supposedly 3d so we all stood in line to look at it through the viewer to see it but none of us thought it looked any different to how it looked with the naked eye. It was a rainbow bridge or actually a portal that was like falling apart.

Anyways we had a lot of fun hanging out and when C%&*% family left, me James and his sister and C all walked around. We went to a comic book store afetr walking around for a while where we looked at different comics and the guy that ran the store gave me and James sister a free comic each. I also bought a soda in a can. We also went to an art gallery where they were having a sale of $5 items to give the artists some revenue so I bought a pair of purple stone and gold earrings that matched a necklace I had bought a few days or so back. Jame’s sister bought something jewelry related as well,1497195861878504575922 a cool bracelet. After that we went to a coffee shop and hung out on a couch and some fluffy chairs. C got Kombuca and I think the others got coffee etc… I believe I had already gotten a soda at the comic store so I just kept drinking that. Anyways we eventually all left and went to Wendys where James treated me for making me and C not get the sushi from walmart earlier. After that we went to a park and hung out and ate. There was a few other people ther who eventually left. We even went on the jungle gym and slide and stuff and played around. After that we went home and basically it was a great few days.